How to keep your young ones entertained on a car journey

How to keep your young ones entertained on a car journey

How to keep your young ones entertained on a car journey

With young children, long trip can be a nightmare to most parents. But with the right activities, it is possible to keep your children engaged whilst you make that long journey.

We hope the following ideas will help you during the coming summer months if you are planning a lengthy trip with your young ones.

A Simple Yet Effective Sing-a-long

With technology such as Spotify and iTunes, you could create a playlist full of your children’s favourite sing-along songs.

Audio Books

Audiobooks are a great way to keep the tots entertained why you sit back and relax. Stock up on all your children’s favourite stories.

Spot the…

This is a game that can keep kids easily entertained for ages, from the first to spot 5 blue cars or the first to spot 10 ‘Buses’. This game can be played by all ages!!

Eye Spy

An all-time classic car journey game, Eye Spy never fails to disappoint! It’s a game that can engage everyone during long car trips.

Colouring Books

Get organised with a brand new colouring book for your tot to enjoy during the trip. Don’t forget a pencil case to keep all the stationery together and prevent them from being scattered across the car!

Regular Stops

Throughout a long journey you’re going to need to stretch your legs and so will your children. However this is a great opportunity to break up the journey for your tots, have a little walk around and start your trip from a fresh. With younger children, more frequent stops will be required but it also allows you to set them up with the next activity or film.

Secret Bag of Toys

If you want to pull out all the stops, then make a secret little goody bag full of new toys. This will not only excite them but also keep them occupied.

Educational Games

Car journeys are a great way to make learning fun. Either make it into a competition between members of the car or just test your child’s knowledge and get them excited about learning. Whether it’s capital cities, countries beginning with ‘A’, dog breeds or saying hello in different languages, the list is endless.

The Alphabet Game

This is a super easy and fun game which can include the whole car and kill a huge amount of time. For example, one round could be girls’ names, and you run through the alphabet, each person taking one letter at a time and thinking of a name to match it.